About Affection India

Customized | Creative | Confidential – We Ignite the Love between Two People

At Affection India , we love organising Affection Proposal events. Especially engagement proposals & Romantic Dinners . We believe as much thought should go into planning the Affection proposal, Creative idea, planning to perfection, keeping it romantic, surprising your partner – all at the same time….Well, you’re at the right place.

We design tailor made proposal keeping in mind your specific relationship. We also consider your partner’s personality traits so that each proposal is as carefully hand crafted as the ring on her finger.

On Set Packages – We believe in providing customized packages. A proposal is an event that should reflect your taste and relationship. We will work with you to turn your dream proposal to reality.

Unique Proposal Ideas – Every proposal is unique and special and has its own charm. Obviously, your partner would not like to see the same proposal recreated. That is why we customize every detail of your event from beginning to end.

Tradition Breakdown – We do not hold the view that proposing should only be done by men, it can be vice versa too. If you’re feeling it, go for it. We love working out what a guy would want and help women propose in a special way.

Romantic Milestones – It’s not only about marriage proposal instead it can be Valentine’s Day, your partner’s birthday or anniversary…. We can absolutely plan something special no matter the occasion. We design events that leave eye wide open.