Relationship Reality: It takes two to tangle

4 December, 2020

The partnership itself is different, but you cant lose yourself in it. It is an entity formed by two people, and it will always require two people to maintain it.

Expectation: Things will never go wrong Being in a relationship means that you have set rules, so to speak. That's what we are; that's what we're permitted to do, and that's what we can't do. This creates a level of trust that is never likely to be broken.

Reality: It's a promise to make things right when they're going wrong. It's very likely that your food is bad, but he's cheating because he doesn't want to hurt your feelings. In return, you're probably unreasonably irritated that he can't put the toilet paper in the right direction.

Life is not perfect, nor are men. We all make mistakes, and nobody ever comes to an age when he or she suddenly knows all the right decisions to make. Sometimes these errors and misunderstandings are small and easy to get over, and sometimes they are not. Sometimes the wrong decisions hurt the people you care about. A huge part of being in a marriage is choosing to make a big effort to get things right when you have wronged your partner, as well as being willing to forgive if your partner has wronged you.

Expectation: You're going to change for someone you respect. They all have faults, right?  If your relationship is struggling, you're going to change to suit the person you're with and improve to be good enough.

Yeah, maybe you're also going to change what you want out of life so that you can fulfill your partner's expectations and preferences. The whole point is doing whatever it takes to be together, isn't it?

Reality: A friendship is a two-way street You shouldn't have to adjust who you are in order to be with someone you enjoy. Often negotiation is required to do what is right for a marriage, but the partnership and the spouse are not the same thing. If either of you need to reinvent yourself just to build a relationship in the first place, it's not the partnership you're going to be happy in. Therefore, when you make some big adjustments or compromises for the sake of your marriage, your wife should do the same, or should have done so in the past. If that's not the case, you must reassess how much you're receiving in comparison to how much you're offering.

Expectation: Your relationship is all that a lot of people say you should marry your best friend, so if you've found someone at that level, why bother with any of your other friends?You already have someone who wants to do the same thing as you do. Cut out the extra fat; you've got everything you need right in the neat little package that's your relationship.

Reality: It's an add-on to the rest of your life. As a human, you're incredibly nuanced. You have different interests and aspirations, and it is necessary to continually fulfill certain sections of yourself and to explore ways to grow and change. It is vital to have different people with whom you can appreciate and experience different stuff, as well as to create a solid support system. The marriage is only one aspect of your complex life; if you become complacent, you are going to become miserable.

Expectation: The devotion is the be-all, the end-all that Devotion is all you need. How many songs have been published about this feeling? So many it's impossible to count. Love conquers anything, and it's a powerful power that's going to get you through everything. Then again, once you've fallen in love, all your problems are gone forever.

Reality: Love is just the cornerstone Relationships need a hell of a lot more than love. We require trust, commitment, knowledge, persistence, and whatever you really want. It's up to you what you get and what you offer. Sometimes a good relationship needs two individuals to sacrifice their dignity and their wishes. This implies showing, time and time again, that you will help each other in even the most difficult times. Of course, you also have to have those feelings of love to see how far you're going to go in the first place, but it's the same amount of commitment that holds you together.

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