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Proposal Ideas with Romance, Uniquness , Creative & Fresh like breeze

Whether it’s intimate and delicately beautiful or elaborate and breath-taking, we will embrace the story of your relationship. This means that your partner will know just how much effort you have gone to to give them the proposal of their dreams

We have arranged thousands of marriage proposals across India and are very proud of our 100% “Yes” Success rate.


I wish I could give you everything, but I hope that this ring is enough to make you mine forever. Our lives together is a beautiful story in progress;

Family surprise proposal -

If you’re planning a public proposal and want family to be part of it, have them hide out nearby. As soon as you pop the question, they can emerge with flowers, signs—the list goes on and on. Just pick a place that you two visit often and make sure the family knows where to hide. The best surprise proposal ever!

Adventurous Proposal -

So! you're both thrill seekers and adventurous junkies. Think your proposal will be the biggest thrill of all? Maybe. But first, the real adventure begins. You can't go wrong with romantic sunrises and sunsets, good ol's'mores' and a cozy sleeping bag to snuggle in. There's just something so romantic and peaceful about being at one with nature. We're certain you'll find plenty of propose worthy moments on your camping adventure

In House Proposal -

Prepare a perfect proposal in your home with a romantic theme combined with photos, drinks, dessert adn a save the date already drafted!

Heritage Monument Proposals -

Now tourism is development, its not only history, we will offer to you propose your girl in raja & maharaja style in same permise.

Cinema Hall Proposal -

One of the ideas, which is both unique and romantic, is to take your partner out for a film. Request or pay the staff to stop the movie and roll a slide show of you and your partner's pictures. At the end of the slide show, show a video clip of you talking and saying how much he/she means to you and how you would like to spend the rest of your life with him/her. The movie hall staff can either stop the movie, announcing that they are having echnical difficlties or you can do this during the intermission.